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It has been said that if you go into the wooded areas at midnight on Midsummer Night you can take the dew from beneath the frond of a fern, wipe it onto your eyelids and be able to see the Fae....

wow :o has anyone recently seen any faeries ??

and how many other realms are there that would inlclude faeries ?

I had thought I answered this but I will do it again.

If humans can adapt to many environments then why not anything else? Faeries can live on earth, the astral realm, other planets and realms too. There is no one set location for them, they are everywhere.

On this world they hide from humans because humans have been separated from the spiritual plane. Meaning: humans can't see spirits or faeries. Now this is changing, now days many individuals are capable of seeing such things and out knowledge of such lore is being rekindled. But the majority of people still cannot see them.

Faeries are said to be able to appear before humans if they wish to be seen. But being infamous for their pranks I would be cautious.

I Love Wolves:
that helped me to understand the Fae more... thanks matthew  :-)

yes i actually remembered... and looked it up lol.. sorry matthew :(


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