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darien not sure what books you are reading?you should read up on scotlands history and the isle of mccloud i think that is how you spell it.If they chose to show you that is one thing but very doubtful since most fays look down on humankind.

i think that it is true that they took down on human kind, but not as much as everyone think. I also think that  they live in here with us, but possibely  hidden from our closed minds

I believe faeries are nature's angels...they're everywhere, just like angels.

M Sidhe:
I think this topic is good enough to comment about, even if its' old.

A common theory of Faeries is that they are too good for Hell, but to bad for Heaven so they remain on Earth. But they have to 'pay' a tribute to Hell with a human soul I believe, and a celebration once every year.

much like any other species, they have the ability to roam about the world, but it is my own personal opinion that they prefer places that are more natural like forests or even nature parks.


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