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Curious about faerie behavior


Okay so this might seem a little strange but I'm curious about faerie behavior. Why? Because I'm writing a short story and would like to be accurate about the behaviors, customs and all that. So here are my questions:

Are faeries proud?
Is there anything they celebrate?
Any rituals or anything?
What would typical behavior for a "bad" faerie and a "good" faerie be?
Can they be human in size and can they disguise themselves to blend in with humans?
What is this about having the sight. Are people born with it, do they acquire it over time?
Anything that would be helpful to better understand faeries so I can properly write about them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I'm sorry if there's a post about all of this, if there is please post a link so I can check it out. Thanks again.

I did use that already thank you very much but it wasn't very helpful which is why I came to the forums to ask for help.

like most people some fairies are proud it's not a common feeling amongst fae they would more likely feel successful or accomplished.
they celebrate the equinoxes full moons and birthdays of gods goddess and a host of smaller celebrations for most practical reasons it may be said that fairies celebrate the same things that humans do.
what do you mean ritual?
fairies arent neccissarily bad or good more like positive and morbid and either way they dont have the same morality as people do so its kind of impossible to classify them as good and bad but what is usually considered as such is the seelie or the fae of spring and summer are good and the unseelie fae of fall and winter are bad.
they can be human in size yes here also infamous for glamoury or illusion magic.
some people are born with the sight others acquire it  at some point through a magical method of varying sorts.

The Fae are not so much proud as commanding of respect. Any fae can be "good" or "bad" depending on how they are treated. Treat them with respect & caution, be thankful for any help they lend, & they will generally do the same in return. Almost all of them do enjoy playing pranks on humans though & since they don't have the same moral code we do these can sometimes end up being malicious in human eyes. As for physical characteristics, most have the ability to shapeshift or appear any way they want but all have a "normal" everyday appearance. There are a number of books detailing the diffrent races. PM me if you would like a list.

Thank you very much for your help.


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