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So. I have fairy rings in my garden. I am accepting all sugestions for experiments with them. Anything you wanted to do and haven't had the time, opertunity or confidence to do. These must be valid. Do not just sugest I eat the mushrooms "just because". Although it is tempting.

Eat the mushrooms. :banplea:

I would love to see what reaction, if any, animals have to the rings. Dogs, cats, pet rats, etc. Also, planting or simply  placing a small potted plant inside the ring & see if there is any noticable difference in the ring or the plant but that would be a long term experiment for as long as the rings last. I've always been warned against standing inside them (to the point of being physically picked up to stop me) but would love to know if anything happened from doing so. And definately DON'T eat the mushrooms, it's too risky unless you have experience. Some taste yummy, some get you high, some kill you. Not an experiment I want you to try.

I'm actually working with mushrooms from a fairy ring which i have collected as of now i'm planning to use them in a ritual however i say see if you can use them to open a fae,portal or perhpas summon the fae that made the circle.

Assuming these rings are legitimate, and the world of the Fae, works as we have surmised. Then I would not mess with the rings, leave the mushrooms alone. No-El-Toucho.

You may become offensive with your curiosity, proceed with caution. I think observation is the best first step to take here. Watch the animals, look up the type of mushrooms, compare that to other rings. I might try eating the same type of mushroom (assuming it won't kill you) from another location, and see if your perception of this ring changes.

Notice there is an emphasis on not touching the mushrooms, and try to not be offensive. I think that recording devices would be considered offensive as well. But you proceed as you see fit, any interpretation of your actions is inevitable.

You get credit for trying to not be offensive, but there is a limit.  (also the reason we want to avoid being offensive is that your guests may leave. Then there is no party, no fun, and no learning)

My last recommendation is to have similar plants in your garden, grow somewhere else, without a ring. Study any noticeable difference. (Smell, rate of growth, texture, taste, fruits if any, etc.)

My standpoint is observation first, before we take a straight plunge into this. But I will trust in your judgement, and wish you many opportunities to learn.


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