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The mermaids unique ability

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Night Energy:
I wont  say the source, but think of it, the mermaids we know are great how they are, however they aren't that powerfull and with this ability they can be better in every way.

Yes it is true that they are good in water, but it is not true that they are good on every existing terrain. With this ability things about them are more interesting, they are way more better, don't you think?   
If you find this ability not good, TeteoInan you find better for the mermaids to be not high ranked creatures, just banal ones.

The question isn't whether they're better with this ability, but rather if the ability even exists. I mean, for something to have apparently not been heard by any members that have posted doesn't necessarily make it false, but it does bring it into question. Do you have a source that you can give? Because, while it won't necessarily sway anyone, it could definitely help the claim. From everything I've read (which isn't to say it's more or near what you all have read), I've never heard of abilities such as these from a source I had faith in.

Night Energy, the fact that you won't name the source makes me leary of lending any credibility to your statement. It's nothing personal, but I like to check out a source for myself, do my own research, before drawing any conclusions.

Night Energy:
Nice, i only wanted to find only comments that aren't about the source of the given ability and yet i saw the majority of the posts here are about  it.
How inconvenient to found what you didn't wanted to find.

That last sentence made no sense.


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