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Faerie Flowers
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Faerie flowers

The foxglove derives its name from "little Folks-glove", for the florets are worn by faeries, sometimes as hats, sometimes as gloves. Another name often attributed to the flower is "Goblins Thimbles". Not, perhaps, inapt, considering that the Foxglove contains digitalis, a heart stimulant and source of wild, dark excitement that Goblins bring.

Primroses boast a unique power-they make the invisible visible and to eat them is a sure way to see faeries. If one touches a faerie rock with the correct number of primroses in a posy, the way is opened to faerieland and faerie gifts, but the wrong number opens the door to doom.

Ragwort and rye grass are used by faeries as make shift horses.John Aubrey in the 17th century states that "horse and Hattock" were the magic words to make the stems fly.

The four leaf clover will break a faeries spell

St. John's Wort is even more efficacious against spells for it provides actual protection from faeries. The St. John's Wort, being a sun symbol like the daisy, was used extensively in midsummer pagan festivals, and is both a powerful protection and a healing plant

Many trees are the haunts of faerie. Humans foolish enough to pass by a host tree late at night find their arms bruised or pinched by small faerie fingers. Three THorn trees growing closely together at an acute angle are especially potent and should be approached warily if at all.On the other hand, THorn tree branches can be hung with ribbons and even rags as propitiating gifts for the faeries. Other trees most favoured by the faeries are the Blackthorn, Hazel, Alder, Elder and Oak. Elemenats and strange creatures haunt these trees, especially if twisted together, two Thorns and an Elder are thought to be a dangerous combination.So are Oak,Ash, and Thorn. Strangely, however, a twig from each bound together with red thread is a protective charm against evil and hostile spirits. In general, hower, one should beware faerie trees for they are fiercely protected. As will all things faeriee, one must approach the benefits with caution.

The Elder tree is sometimes a witch in tree form, and should not be axed without asking her to leave. "ourd gal, give me thy wood An Oi will give some of moine when Oi grows inter a tree". Children should never be laid in an elderwood cradle, for the faeries will pinch them black and blue. While to burn Elderlogs is to invite disaster as these bring the devil into the house.

The spirit of the birch tree is called"the one with thee white hand'. If the hand touches a head, it leaves a vivid white mark and inflicts madnesss, but if it touches a heart, it is the touch of death.

The Alder tree is protected by water faeries

Water has always been of importance in faerielore. Its ambilvalent nature as providor of food, nourisher of crops and taker of lives makes the divinities associated with it particularly potent.

The "fairy ring mushroom', is the one which marks the boundary of the faeries favorite dancing places.