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near death experiances- tell us yours

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I have had several NDE's and one Real Death Experience. When I was 16, I actually died and was on my way to the morgue when I came back into my body. I'll tell you about it if you want. I have had my spirit taken out of my body on more than one occasion. I have seen Heaven and Hell and the spirit world. I had the horrible experience of seeing myself buried in a grave alive. I've been in a car crash and saw my entire life flash in front of my eyes like a movie and everything went into slow motion as I waited for the other car to hit me and kill me but something saved me.
I've had that floating on the ceiling looking down on my physical body kind of experience which was scary because I thought I would have to stay in that state forever. And I've had that out of body experience in which I never wanted to come back into my body because my spirit was in a wonderful place experience. Anyone else here had those kinds of experiences?? I'm just giving the outline here, will fill in the blanks if anyone is interested.

maggot man:
Tell us more about the time you died,if it's not to traumatic for you to try and recall it. I just would like to know how catching a glimpse of the afterlife altered your life,for that it surely must have

I got run over by a trailer once. Right over half my body and my head. But,t hanks to the snow we got in canada, it was pushed down, so I didn't die. All I can say is that it hurt. A lot.

maggot man:
Ouch. How long did you have to be hospitalized for that?

Surprisingly enough, I was never hospitalized for it. It hurt like hell though. I was worried at first I got internal bleeding, but therewas no side affects. Had it happened in a place with no snow, I would have died.

 I love Canada


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