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okay I havent been on for a few days but I was thinking .... werewolves are most defiantly real but... maybe Im not a were.... I could be just a wannabe prolly am.... well I dunno... I would like to tell you all I am truly sorry for what I have said and well I guess I dont know much about werewolves... I dont know really.... does anyone have any info about real werewolves or whatnot hey!! even if I am not a real werewolf (which i am not sure if I am or not)  I could learn as much as I can about stuff and I dont know write a book and sell millions *smiles with greed* lol jk ...
sorry again for my rudeness (tough few days)

Just curious why do you all doubt him.DO any of you know him? If I remember sy was not treated like this when he said he was a demon.Give this person a break maybe this person is a were and maybe not.

thanx light warrior at least someone is givin me credit

i just wish more ppl might believe me


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