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Im no kid im 17... i was just a lil hyper yesterday cuz I finally found others out there and im not suffering from lycanthropy. trust me I'd know.... so dont comment on such topics again.... No offense  :!:

you dont know lycanthropy guy  :? you have lycanthropy nya nya

No I dont because I hear that after you change your very achey and its painful and such and the day I woke up I sore all over. It felt like I had run on all fours. I know I have changed and my temperment is becoming more wolf-like but believe me I have studied lycanthropy quite alot and I do believe I do not have it. I believe these happenings are genuine!

maggot man:
You aren't a were. Real weres don't find themselves burdened with a sudden craving for meat,nor do they believe that they actually change into wolves on full moons.

While it is clear that you do not believe, Maggot Man, Deadlymind9 clearly does. Regardless of whether he's really a were or not, we shoud nevertheless offer him advice. It's clear he thinks he's a were, and if he feels that some good advice would help him, than we should do just that. Personally, I'd recommend a good psychiatrist, but if Deadly feels that he requires some advice, state your opinions and then give him some advice.



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