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i am new and i realy need your help

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hello every one  my friends all call me vampire daughter because my teeth are very sharp and pointy i have had them since i was born and my skin is so sensitive that i have to wear long sleaves and pants and have gloves on and have my face covered. does that mean that i am one.

 p.s. i am also not cathlic or christien and my mom will not tell me what i have and i was hopeing that you guys could tell me if i am an vampire

maybe, at least your not saying you were, or i'd be mad at you like with alexander.. man he ticks me off. anyway light senstivity and sharp teeth, i have sharp teeth 2 i have 6 incizers =D i dunno about sun sensitivity go where sun tan lotion or something

maggot man:
Come to my forum and find out for yourself. The essays that I have there should help clear up confusion you have,as to whether or not you are a vampire. Bear in mind though,that sensitivity to sun light could simply be the result of some skin disorder.

You have a forum Maggot? I'd like to jojn. Show me the URL.

maggot man:
Lol,I was talking about the Blood Track,Shadow. I tend to see it as my very own forum.  :oops:


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