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i've been here many times an never really got any answers an ive been a member for several years now

it all started when i was 13 when i dreamt of a shadow figure in my dreams with yellow eyes that took me somewhere else...ive
had nightmares all my life some come true some are just warnings ive helped others with their nightmares....
ive seen the shadow man wearing the coat an hat hes tried speaking to me several times in which when i couldnt understand he got irate.

thing is ive seen what hide in the shadows i know whats really there but here lately the shadows have been making themselves visible not only by me but my girlfriend there has been one ive seen scatter about for a week or two an she finally brought it up an described what it looked like to me an after she explained what she saw is when i confirmed what she had seen.

i'm not afraid of the dark or what lurks within it.

but here lately they have gotten very brave an aggressive they make themselves visible when theres visible light, ive gone to bed an as i was dozing off watched as they filled our bedroom watching me curiously as they did when i was a child.

i dont know if they're the cause or whats changing with me but one morning i crawled into bed i closed my eyes an felt my forehead throb then i started seeing images i could see figures of people as if i was walking past them my forehead started to hurt an the only way i could really explain this sensation or even compare it to is when you peel a scab off a wound it hurts an you can feel the tugging well i felt that on my forehead an suddenly the images became clearer an i could see the orange red hues like the colors of a sunset over water but when i could see clearly i could see there was no sun there was no beach but bodies an people suffering wailing groaning in pain reaching out to me tugging pulling at me clawing wanting me to take them with me but i was being guided i wass being shown this place i tried snapping out of it i opened my eyes an could faintly see our bedroom i could see the window i could see our dresser an alarm clock but still the images of this hell were strong over my eyes before i past out i got the strangest feeling that the pain an throbbing sensation i felt on my forehead was my third eye opening fully allowing me to see the otherside and of course after this happened is when i could see shadows an other things alot clearer....

i dont fear this mind you i welcome it i want to understand it i want to know everything thats going on with me i want to know whats happening an if it  goes back an forth an barely makes sense bear with me as i try getting this out an explaining it the best i can.

any an all thoughts are welcomed

Sorry for the late answer. Jake is the psychologist here , but I'll give it a try.

First off , chill. I don't know if this is your type of writing, but your post was very messy and it looked like you were really stressed while typing.

Answer these questions first:

How old are you?

Have you been stressed lately?

How long have those shadows been 'stalking' you?

Were you sleep deprived lately?

Did the shadows cause sleep deprivation?

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Do you suffer from any mental disorder?

Post your answers back here. Before attributing this to the paranormal field, please acknowledge that it could be sleep paralysis combined with stress. I have a friend who has been suffering from sleep paralysis for years and he says that he sees shadows and people when it occurs. Luckily for him , he's a total skeptic and that makes it less frightening and disturbing for him.

If you really want to find out what's the problem with you , you should seek a psychiatrist. It's no shame, go see one , tell him everything you told us and hit us up with what happened.

i understand my post was back an forth just had alot of thoughts running through my mind at the time didnt know how much info to provide an what to leave out etc etc...

How old are you? 26

Have you been stressed lately? not more then usual

How long have those shadows been 'stalking' you? all my life started with foot steps when no one was around
ehoes of someone showering when noone was i know whats there an isnt an others usually heard the same.

Were you sleep deprived lately? not more then usual again i stay up all night sleep during the day i get 6 to 7 hours of sleep
which your suppose to so not sleep deprived.

Did the shadows cause sleep deprivation? nope i know they're there my gf has even seen a few now if im crazy why would she be witnessing ghostly sounds late at night loud noises an crashes right along side me unless shes sharing my own delusions not likely lol.

Do you suffer from insomnia? have i been diagnosed no. again i get 6 to 7 hours of sleep so im good on sleep.

Do you suffer from any mental disorder? no an ive been to counseling an they've found nothing

thanks for the help there buddy but i can tell the difference between whats real an what isn't an i understand your trying to help but there are others that need it alot more then i do.

further more im going to college for psychology so i know theres a fine line between being schizophrenic and the supernatural its a damn fine line.

an once again this site fails me....thanks for atleast reading my post an replying....

Yes buddy, you're supposed to get 6-7 hours of sleep but you're supposed to get them during the night. There's a thing called circadian rhythm which should regulate your daily activities. Sleeping during the day may cause insomnia which can cause hallucinations or messed up vision.

Also, it's true that schizophrenics sometimes report fake paranormal events , however , you should know that there are a ton of stuff which can make a normal person see/hear things.

Considering that this has happened to your for all your life , it's probably not caused by a single reason ( like insomnia ) but rather by several small disturbances clocked together.

Don't get me wrong , I'm not trying to bash on you and your girlfriend (considering that you say that she's seen what you saw as well) ; it's just that I'm a skeptic and so I'm just doing my skeptic homework here. I can't just jump into giving paranormal advices since I'm a non-believer myself.

But if it seriously disturbs your personal life , you should , by all means , find other ways to get opinions. See several psychiatrists , see several priests , ask on other forums , try Yahoo Answers , talk to your family and friends.

As for the part regarding the difference between what is real and what isn't : you never know. Schizophrenics really believe what they see. Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying you're a schizophrenic , I'm just implying that you can never know one thing for certain if you only view it through your perspective.

I hope you'll manage to solve your problem


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