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hello, i have been experiencing things lately. and so have my two friends, one day my friend had proceeded to tell me, that creatures. such as were-animals, faeries, and demons, and other things like that... really do exist. I'm not going to go into detail of how he knows. and we have seen things and done things ever since and one day he asked me a question "have you ever felt. different? or left out? or have you experienced anything strange?" and i replied "yes, i have felt that way. and not really, the only thing i can think of is i used to have dreams, where these... things giant black dogs would chase me up stairs, and they would always catch me. but i would always kill them, or fight them off, and they would usually run from me in fear" and then he explained to me what black dogs were which leads me to this topic. my two friends and I were walking in a field, around 10 pm and my friend, ill call him the tall one, got scared and i asked him why and he told me he saw a black dog walking, and so we walked around avoiding it, and then the tall one got a giant head ache, and couldn't move. and my other friend(ill call him the short one) said here stop, and the short one put his hand on the tall one and closed his eyes, and the tall one said that his head ache went away and i turned around and saw the black dog walking towards us and i said lets go, and my short friend told us that he had, "abilities" he could cause pain with his mind, and soothe pain with it as well, and the tall one explained that he could sense where things are, through somethings hora, and i said "remember my dreams i told you about? the ones with black dogs? what if. i could actually fight them off?" and so i walked back to where i saw it. and i started to get... animalistic behavior, and i could smell something really good, and as we got closer the smell became stronger, and i got hungry... and i saw the black dog. it looked at the tall one it hadn't noticed me or the short one and pined its ears back and started to snarl. and i yelled "HEY!" and it looked right at me. it took 2 steps back and it started pacing watching me and i squinted my eyes looking right into his black eyes. and i walked towards it then i took in a deep breath through my nose and i could smell it. and it smelt good, and i walked faster to it, it looked right at the tall one growled and barked then i stepped forward and it looked at me and ran away. the rest of the night i could smell things, and i could hear more sharply... then the next day nothing, and i went to school on Monday this week and... i could hear peoples hearts beating, there blood pumping. i could smell them i could tell who was scared. and who was upset, i could tell if they were weak and sick, or strong and healthy... just buy... there smell... and i'm scared. i want answers, could someone please try to explain to me whats going on?

one post would have sufficed....

or a search would help have helped you narrow it down, we've discussed black dogs around here for years. 

You said you are in school. This means you are a teenager. Now think hard and try to decide if this is just you and your friends having an "I'm so different and special" moment and this is basically just a fantasy that you and your friends have come to believe, or are you telling the truth? I'm not judging, it's just we've had more than our share of whiny teen angst and do not wish to tolerate any more. And to be honest, just one of the elements of your story would seem like such a rare supernatural phenomenon, but this collection of supernatural events makes your story feel like bad fan fiction. I am aware of the "black dog" phenomena and what you have described matches none of the lore or encounters. Your friend having "harm or heal" hands is easily believable as most psychic healing tends to be psychosomatic. The enhanced senses you are describing are your standard "you are becoming a monster" symptoms. But that isn't possible through learning to control black supernatural dogs said to obey only the commands of hell itself. So. You talking rubbish or do you live in a badly written teen-horror movie?

Geez Angelus, that's a bit harsh isn't it? This is a forum about the supernatural after all right? And from what I understand the lad's just telling a story. While I suppose the tale may be a bit hard to swallow from a scientific point of view and you may know tons more than the topic creator does about monsters and the supernatural, there's no need to rip him up like that right? While I choose to remain dubious about many such anecdotes, I suppose I tend to just give the teller the benefit of the doubt, at least until I'm sure he really is "talking rubbish".

By the look of things this board has a hard enough time getting folks to post already, why not lighten up a little?  :-)

Harsh. But I never did get an answer. And I did say "I'm not judging". I thought I was rather polite.


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