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Can anyone suggest what I can do?

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your welcome! 8-)

As long as you fear it, it will have power and no charm, rite or ritual will help until you help yourself get done with it. You're not alone, there are many reality shows that deal with similar issues, rarely it's actually demonic, often time just negative energy given power by our belief and made into manifestation.

Check out some of the shows like, the haunting, my ghost story and others that demonstrate what other people in your position have done. Unless you're spiritually and emotionally strong enough to take it on alone, get some professional help, the earlier suggestion of priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader would be preferable than muddling through something you can't understand and  can potentially complicate the issue if it is something more than an active negative energy.

Shadow 11:
Jordyn, as much as having someone else help sounds good, my husband isn't into any of this. He just says I'm weird and the kids take after me. He isn't mean about it, he just doesn't believe what is going on. Even with other people saying they've seen or heard it.Besides, the last time I brought this up to a preacher, they insulted me and forcibly removed me from the property, that was when my problem started a few years ago.

first of all, you shouldn't fear it, it's don't feed them what they want... Other than that, if you cannot find outside help, try making shields, if you don't know how to do this, no worries, it's all about visualization and inner energy control. That is all the advice I can give you right now as I have never really experienced anything as appearant as what you are going through since I always have shields around the house and myself, but it works for me so you could try that

This sounds like a bad case, if something can follow from place to place it's not a dislocated spirit but something more sinister  :embarassed:   Has anyone suggested burning white sage and using it around the property like and incense? That's all i feel I could suggest, but I'd also say talk to professionals in this field, you need a demonologist from the sound of this


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