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So I have seen these canines for a while now: a black one and a white one. They've been watching me for a couple years now and whenever I look at them for longer than a second they disappear. I've had a few dreams involving them, but not many. They seem to prefer the form of wolves, but have actually approached me as two different dogs: the black one was a pitbull that cornered me but did nothing but bark snarl and keep me there for a while. The white one was a large long white furred dog that approached me one day in what seemed like a good attitude. It stuck around for a while then ran off. My friend has seen them before and on a couple occasions was used as a medium to communicate. I have tried looking for things like this but I've had trouble. If someone can help in any way, please do. If you read this, I appreciate it.

There are many different things it could be...look into animal symbolism. A pyranese could be the fuzzy white one, the pitbull is pretty obvious. With the cirrent state oof the economy there are a lot of strays and my newf requires a huge truck chain and a whole mature lilac bush to keep on the yard. Dogs can be quite the houdis, if they want.  Dreams are a whole different world. My neighborhood has some strays we see a couple times a month. A huge lab, smaller hound and a mutt.

I've only seen either dog once each, but they now follow me as wolves and disappear shortly after I look at then for about 1 second. They are everywhere I go.

it might just simply be two sprits from beyond the veil. they might have taken an intrest in you. do they folow you at the same time or seperately?

It varies. Sometimes the black one follows me, sometimes, it's the white one, and sometimes it's both. I see them both at the same time.


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