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That's why I skipped normal things. I forgot to add that you might have created an empathy link between you two, and then shared your experience.


--- Quote from: moongirl1999 on March 31, 2013, 08:17:27 PM ---well i don't think it's my mind since my mom dreamt the same thing also

--- End quote ---

Family members that are close tend to have an empathetic connection, perhaps you two discussed something, watched something, read something and told the other about it...dreams go off your subconscious mind which picks up things that your active mind may not. My favorite example is of a gardener dreaming of being bitten by a snake. He saw the snake out of the corner of his eye, he didn't register it but the subconscious did and warned about a potential danger.

nothing psychic or spiritual, just our instincts reverting back to basic survival.

Unless there's an escalation into more serious phenomena and we get more information everything you've asked about can be rationalized back to the human brain and the connections it can develop to another brain. The best friends that finish each others sentences, one twin getting smacked, the other one feeling it. A parent knowing their child a hundred miles away is in trouble, even the pet that knows when their human is sick or sad...

I view such experiences as a natural quirk of the human brain however,  for me the supernatural is a side affect fine tuned by our observation and perception as they respond to our experiences and understandings.


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