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In spring 1964 a woman was walking her dog in the grounds of the haunted Denbigh Castle when the dog gave a sharp yelp. She found the animal cowering under a beam of light in the bushes. The woman rescued her beloved pet but felt a burning pain in her arm as she came into contact with the light.

Ten years later two women saw a bright orange light hovering in the sky above nearby Denbigh Hospital. A similar sighting was also reported in 1984, and again 10 years later in 1994. Will the visitors be returning next year?


ONE family claimed to have been abducted by visitors from outer space while travelling through North Wales on November 10, 1977. On the same night an elderly man from Llandudno had been frightened by unusual beams of light in the sky above the Great Orme. The family were driving near the village of Llandernog, Denbighshire. They saw a purple triangular craft which then swallowed up their car. The purple object seemed to vanish. The family had lost several hours but could remember nothing about what had taken place during that time.

Meanwhile, another man driving along the Llandernog road that night claimed he saw a spaceship as big as a football pitch with hundreds of bright lights emanating from it. The man whose family were abducted was reportedly instructed by the RAF not to speak publicly about what had happened to him.


1977 was a busy year for Welsh ufologists, with a wave of sightings over Anglesey and West Wales known to alien watchers as the Broadhaven Triangle. On February 4 a game of football between children at Broadhaven School was interupted when a glowing cigar-shaped object landed in a nearby field. David George, nine at the time, said he saw a "silver man with spiked ears" near the craft.

On February 17 the ship was seen by one of the school's teachers and then later in the day by two dinner ladies. One of the dinner ladies claimed to have seen a figure climb into the craft before it made its departure.

In the months that followed, up until June, there were numerous sightings of flying, cigar-shaped objects in the skies above Dyfed and Pembrokeshire. Many people reporting seeing white, humanoid figures, with pointed, apparently faceless heads. The cynics and those in officialdom suggested they were simply MoD personnel in radiation suits carrying out routine training exercises.

Were these dome-headed beings talent scouts for some intergalactic sports academy? The same month that they landed next to the playground kickabout in Broadhaven, the cigar-shaped ship was also spotted by Bronwen Williams, who was teaching girls netball during a PE class at Rhos-y-Bol school on Anglesey.

In September the following year, a group of boys were playing football in Llannerchymedd, Anglesey, when they saw what they thought was a helicoptor land nearby. The boys went to investigate, finding a small white object with a red glow stuck in the ground where the helicopter had been. They also claimed to have seen two hooded humanoids near the craft.


MANY people put UFO sightings down to the armed forces testing new designs and equipment, but there have been sightings in North Wales as early as the 18th century. In 1743 William John Lewis, a farmer from Peibio, near Holyhead, saw an object sailing through the air above the nearby mountains long before man had mastered flight. He claimed he had seen similar crafts at roughly 10-year intervals.

Historian James Buckley interviewed descendants of miners from Mold who saw a UFO in the 1880s. The men, who were struggling to feed their families on the miserable wages they were being paid, had gone to nearby Padeswood to collect some snares they were using for poaching. Already tense at the prospect of being caught stealing by the landowner, they were terrified when they saw a large, bright, purple sphere hovering above the field. The men ran away, but when they returned again to pick up their snares there was a circle of scorched grass where the craft had been.


THE Egryn lights are a famous phenomenon that have baffled people in Meiryonnydd for centuries, but in the last few decades they have also attracted the attention of ufologists. In the 17th century balls of flame were seen crossing the sea near the west coast of Wales. In Harlech in 1662 it was claimed that these strange lights were setting fire to crops and barns and infecting grass, although they seemed to do no harm to people who were in the fields at the time.

In 1877 blue lights were seen over Pwllheli and the Dysynni Estuary, and in the early 1900s the lights were adopted by Mary Jones and the Revivalists as proof that God was trying to communicate with them.

Ms Jones was widely discredited as being barking mad, but with the increase in UFO sightings over the 20th century the lights became a focus for people convinced of the existence of little green men.

The lights were the subject of an investigation in Flying Saucer Review in 1971, and have aroused alien conspiracy theorists across the world.


A WOMAN from Halkyn, Flintshire, has been visited by aliens on a regular basis since she first saw a UFO in July 1982, according to North Wales ufologist Margaret Fry. The woman, who was interviewed anonymously by Mrs Fry, thought she was witnessing a meteorite hurtling towards the earth until the large, round object stopped over a neighbour's home. It was yellow, had two rings around it and made a humming noise as it hovered above the house.

Then, one night in November 1983, she was woken by a bright light shining into her bedroom. Outside her window - 20ft off the ground - was a face looking at her. She claims the figure, who had a human appearance, then appeared in her room before finally disappearing. The woman says she has been in regular contact with people from outer space ever since.


MANY people, known as contactees, reckon they are visited regularly by aliens on their jaunts to our corner of the universe. But for one young girl from Flintshire, frequent visits from space travellers resulted in the chance-of-a-lifetime trip to visit their home planet.

Gaynor Sutherland, from Oakenholt, claimed she was taken on the journey by aliens she had met when she was nine. In 1976 Gaynor was playing in fields near her home when a flying saucer landed nearby. Two figures, which she supposed were male and female, emerged from the ship and began to carry out what appeared to be scientific tests on the ground.

The aliens continued to make contact with the Sutherland family over the next few years and at times Gaynor seemed to be possessed by the visitors and unable to control her own actions. The girl's claims were backed up by her family, who all gave matching descriptions of the aliens.


IN 1896 Welsh Folklore, by the Rev Elias Owen, recounted the story of Dafydd Fawr, a farmer from Penrhyndeudraeth who thought he saw a fairy dance but may actually have had a close encounter of the third kind. Dafydd was on his way home from market when he saw a small comet fall to the ground, followed by a hoop of fire. Two

small figures appeared from the flaming hoop, drew a circle on the ground and started to dance around it.

Dafydd watched amazed as more little people, both men and women, seemed to appear from nowhere and join in the dance. The fairies, as Dafydd supposed they were, danced for a few minutes until the first two figures climbed back into the hoop of fire and flew away. The rest of the fairies vanished.

Dafydd continued home, a journey which would normally take him about 20 minutes. When he got home he found he had lost three hours. According to writer Richard Holland the "fairy dance" episode had all the cult hallmarks of an alien landing - a strange object comes out of the sky, unusual humanoid figures emerge and leave a circle imprinted in the ground, and the incredulous earthling watches spellbound before realising he has lost hours in what seemed like minutes.


TEN years ago a Colwyn Bay woman and her boyfriend spent the night in Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, when they were disturbed by a huge craft hovering in the sky above them. The two had been dared to stay in the supposedly haunted ruins of the abbey, but halfway through the night the abbey lit up around them and, looking up, they saw a diamond-shaped object above them, its red and yellow lights beaming down on the ancient monastery. A group of campers also saw the ship, which stayed for about five minutes before silently zooming off at a speed no man-made craft would be capable of.


ONE of the most famous UFO sightings in Wales occurred in the village of Llangernyw, Conwy, in the 1970s. After farmers reported seeing strange lights in the sky military personnel cordoned parts of the village off and evacuated civillians from the area. The incident attracted worldwide interest from ufologists, but to this day the Ministry of Defence has never come up with an explanation of what the lights were or why the village was closed off.

john polluck:
The two types of beings are not the same.For the Fey,Undines,Nature Gods, are highly evolved spirits.The Aliens (they are Terrestrial) seem to take orders from the Fey.
 It is the Fey who make those crop circles.Symbolic representations,as they are not human spirits and do not use language.Not that they are stupid,but who would want to memorize the countlass numbers of human dialects,and slang?
 I do bnot recall being abducted by the Greys and Littles,at least not in the pghysical sense.Vuisited ,yes.Often since a lad. This can be very stressful,since they claim a stake in you and try to modify your behaviour. Not true possession,but they can be influential.
 Stern,yet some are playful. I was rarely frightened by them.They usually wear disguises to look human or comical. I was treated to some 'shows" which they claimed required "technical assistance" not magic at all.
 The big boy,not just Poseidon who appears elf-like (looks like that imp flying beside a car in a painting), is Rothshamon. Mostly animal spirits under the command of a great one.But there is some human souls contained as well. He seemed quite vocal. Both can evoke terror,or may decide to pleasure themselves with you.You are overpowered,and I guess not being physical,they want to feel sensual pleasre again.
 To have them look through my house periodically,they are offended by eating meat or drinking alcohol in excess.
 My experiences (I have been studying them all my life) is on the AAER site and forums.
 I saw a Ufo with witnesses. Huh! I asked it to go away or I might get in trouble!
 They are attracted by our "sexual energy" they called it and you have to watch it if they get you into their clutches. They can wear these realistic costumes to play out fantasies with you, but I do not want to be assaulted by a bunch of them. They were formerly animals and are not squeamish about uhhhh,anatomy.They are sexless themselves.
 One thing I noticed was that the human gaze bothers them. To stare at them might trigger an attack.
 Now the Undines when they visit appear as Will O The Wisps,but can show up as these humanish "elves". I surprised myself one evening ,frightened but staying in bed and looking down. They speaking in whispers.

john polluck:
So who gave these powerful animal spirits dominion over the world?
 Oh yes,the Church has it backwards. But the Fey believe in live and let live and do not interfere as much as they can.
 Most people,I suppose because of our cohabitation with animals,get these nocturnal visits or vivid "dreams" where former pets or victims look you up.
 The Church would call this demonic or "Non-human" spirits. I have never been harmed or traumatised like things you see in the movies,which exaggerate.
 Some start screaming if they see a presence in their bedroom at night.I was  a little frightened at first,but having read up on it did not panic.Then it became facinating,even entertaining.Now it seems second nature.
 They did show me what could happen if the wrong sort enter in,and one night I was seized by invisible hands and I was "fondled". But they relented before I panicked.
 True they are full of lies if you question them,but sometimes I was given very helpful advice.So go figure.

john polluck:
These "cousins" actually do exist. They are indeed small,I would say about a foot and a half tall. Stocky,and covered in fine brown hair,therefore their nickname "brownies."
 I had them in my house and it is an experience I do not wish to repeat. They have this technical wizardry and can drive you insane with it.The wands and those "black boxes". They can keep you from sleeping indefinately.
 Again,they are "quasi-physical", but I noted them as well as even the Undines open a door where there wan not one.Odd, Devas need doors? Not when they are those Will O The Wisps I noted,a clue there. Just a blip of light on the wall and they are flying about. Perhaps this explains while many abductions take place through windows.Less resistance.
 Now the Littles can put on a show for you or discipline.They called it "Belittling".
  One frequently visits and I recall it making me hold it,just as some other types of Visitor wish human touch,like Betty and the hybrid babies.
 Another time he ran into my bedroom and tore the covers off me.
 "Abduction time!"  I was then under a spell.
  Another few times going under the bed and pushing at the mattress. Like a nightmare.The little hobgoblin...

Naughty Faery:
Thats a lot of reading...  :S


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