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A ringing tone...


An occasional ringing in your ears and unexplainable cuts....are these somehow related to abductions?

An example of the cuts being a small cut on the lip that wasn't there the night before or a small discolorization on a tooth that appears to look like a cut.

I hear a ringing or an sort of humming in my ear wen the grey one comes to me an does stuff on me.

He used to come year's ago but I was sacred of him then, but since I was told that he was an alien I have accepted him into my life an he has actually been doing thing's to my body.
Like the one day wen he came he sat on my chest an opened it up an was moving things around an wen I looked to see wot he was doing it seemed as thow He was putting machine parts in side of my chest. It didnt hurt it felt good but i dont know hy or wot he did it for.

He has also opened up my head an dune some thing in there too, that did hurt a lot but I still let him continue wen he comes  cos I know he is doing something for my own good.

He is one of those that is surposed to not like humans very much but I THINK HE IS COOL  :-)
He is small an bold an huge eyes an look's quite scary cos he has a wide mouth that is like a tormenting  grin but he is not bad at all.

I hear the buzzing  wen the big grey's come too they usally come wen I need protection.

I dont get cuts or thing's like that thow.



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