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Something weird happened to my friend and I few years ago. Him and I used to get together at night to wander around in the city. That winter night we decided to go to the old cemetery on the mountain. So we walked around in the cemetery, hiding once in a while when a car would appear. The cemetery was covered with snow and the sky was clear, we could see the stars! Anyway, we sat on tombstones looking at the city below.

Suddenly I saw a bright light like a comet flying fast above the city and it disappeared, so I turn to my friend and yell:"Did you see that?". He did not because he was looking behind, he thought he heard something. It was very cold that night so we did not stay long. Usually, it would take us about 45 minutes to walk from the cemetery to down the main street. That night, it took us two hours! At first I thought I was imagining things but my friend also noticed that it took us alot of time. We did not use a different path than usual and we were walking pretty fast because of the cold. But the strange thing is, we remember leaving the cemetery, then there is a blank and the last thing we recall is leaving the mountain road! We do not recall how we got to the foot of the mountain!

The next day, I heard on the radio that people saw a UFO above the city. My friend and I don't have strange marks or anything but we never caught a virus again! Exept that now I always lack iron, I need to take iron supplements or eat meat everyday.

Were my friend and I abducted?

Yes you were. Missing time is the first mark, and seeing UFO that night by many......well, that puts the two together. Trust me, I was abducted as well, and have been studying that matter for soooo long that I can say-yes.
Did you noticed any strange markings on your body (or your friend) that you know you didnt have before?
Do you have dreams that come in short pics of strange people around you?
Do you feel anything when you see a pic of a reptilian? (Cause they are the ones that ussually do abductions)

If that is too personal to answer, contact me in pm.


Oh man... :doh:whatever they are, I hope they did not shove implants under my skin or where the sun don't shine :wink:! But no, there are no visible marks on my body or on his. As for dreams, well I always had weird dreams so we have to rule that out. The only feeling that I have is fascination when I look at reptilian creatures. Fascinated because they've been around for millions of years and I just love their eyes! :-DBut that's it. But you reminded me of something that I've been "seeing" in my mind since that weird event...I'll talk to you about it in private, when I'm ready... :oops: Other than that, everything seems to be normal! The other strange things that happen everyday well, I attribute them to my psychic nature. :-D Thanks for your reply!

Anything you feel out of ordinary, no matter if you feel it is every day stuff could be relevant, so try to remember anything.
You are welcomed, always. I like to talk about it, cause there are always things we can learn from each other.

Okay thanks! :-D By the way, I say that my daily weird stuff is not relevant because these weird things have been happening since my childhood. I don't think that I've been abducted when I was little. Just nightmares and sleepwalking :x .


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