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Zak Roy Yoballa:
This thread is for Nordic, Germanic and Slavic  monsters

Zak Roy Yoballa:
Baba Yaga:

AKA Jezi Baba:

Baba Yaga is from the Slavic regions and is sometimes viewed as an evil witch or a female demon.  She is supposed to travel around flying in a black cauldron or on a freaky animated house that traveled on chicken legs!  She would prey upon travelers and other unsuspecting folk with her huge mouth that was reported to stretch to the corners of the earth.  Her form was that of an elderly wicked looking woman.  As a side note the word 'baba' in Russian is short for grandma. 

Zak Roy Yoballa:

A humongous water monster that was impervious to any weapon.  He frequently terrorized the Danish countryside devouring anyone whom he found.  One night, in the hall of King Hrothgar, Grendel met him match, the heroic warrior Beowulf.  Grendel crept into the hall and ate a sleeping warrior.  Beowulf jumped up and seized the beast with his iron grip.  The battle was violent and terrible.  It was said to make a grown man wet himself to watch!  In the end Grendel had to rip off his own arm to get away.  Unfortuneately for him he bled to death in his lair (leaving a blood trail of Beowulf to follow).  When the hero arrived he killed Grendel's mother and brought back Grendel's enourmous head as a trophy for the King. 

BTW it took 4 men to carry the head !


Zak Roy Yoballa:
Himinrjot - AKA Himinbrioter (Sky Bellower)

This was a humongous black ox owned by the Norse god Hymir.  Hymir and Thor went fishing one day for the mighty sea serpent Jormungand.  Thor broke Himinrjot's head off and used it as bait.  Jormungand took the bait but the head was so big it got stuck in its throat.  Thor was reeling the serpent in but as soon as Hymir saw he freaked out.  In the ensuing chaos Hymir cut the line holding the serpent allowing it to escape.:doh:

I do believe that this was the first recorded "fish story" in history!


Zak Roy Yoballa:
Fenrir:  AKA Fenris, Devouring Wolf, the Beast of Ragnarok, Doom of the gods

Son of Loki and Angrboda (frost giantess).  During Ragnarok, he will open his giaganitc yap and swallow Odin whole!  His mouth is so big that it is said to touch the sky.  This guy was so bad ass that the only god who would get near him was Tyr (war god).  Eventually Odin decided that he needed to be chained up to prevent further devestation.  Nothing natural could restrain the Beast so the dwarves made a special fetter called Gleipnir.  Being a wiley monster, he wouldn't let the gods tie the ribbon like device around his massive neck unless he could have one of their hands in his mouth.  Tyr was the only god with enough guts and will power to do it (he knew what would happen when the Doom of the gods found out the fetter couldn't be broken)  The other gods, being petty and shallow, laughed at the one handed war god  :x.  But now Fenrir was secured to a rock with a sword stuck in his mouth to prevent him from biting.

I don't think Little Red Riding hood could handle this Big Bad Wolf   :wink:



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