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Andrea Warfare:
Mexhomie:This man came in contact with an alienalien gave him seeds to plant and was speaking fast giberishbut the man understood the alien told him to plant themhe planted them and later was on newspaper for having HUGEEEEE vegetables This happened in Mexico and my grandpa knew this manhes dead now...My dad once saw a long ufo  that was like a big pencil go across the skyhe sad it was moving slow and way after is passed he heard like a hugeee soundpass byy*sounded like a big jet*it was the ufo sound

That was a really cool story...

I've seen 3 lights make weird triangle movements in the sky and sped away one by one...

Here's one from my grandma from when she used to live in Nova Scotia:

She was driving home one night. She lived by a lake, so she drove on a road that went along the shore, behind a line of trees separating the lake and the road. She saw a bright light over the lake. When she managed to see past the trees, she could see a luminous object floating over the water. Right after, it zoomed away, crossed the lake and was gone :|

This happened ten or fifteen years ago..


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