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reocuring dream

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ok i have been haveing this dream since i was like 12 or 13 not entirely sure. sometimes i have it four times a week sometimes once a month so i would like some help with it or your opions on it if i can.

Basicly it's this guy in a cloak he  has a sword and he is walking through this town. modern day town. house to house person to person he begings kiling everyone.  within an hour the entire town is dead. and most of the town is on fire. then it seems that only one person is alive well sorta. he has alot of cuts and has lossed a s**t load of blood. basicly he is dead but he doesn't submite to it yet. he is on the ground and grabs the guys cloak by doing this he reveils the guys face and its my fave its me except my eyes are purple. then i wake up

is it just a dream? doesn it mean something? tell me what you know think or your opion. i would greatly aprciate it

Hmmm, I know this is totally random, but I have the distinct feeling reading this that memories from a past life are using your subconscious mind to talk to you. But it's just a strong feeling, so ignore it if it doesn't "ring" true to you. :?

sounds like Sephiroth from FF7?

But id say that as the dream doesnt progress or add details in different times, that it might just be a dream that has got a place in your head now and its now familiar. You might even be expecting it to happen, so it could be brought on by your subconcious as it is now so familiar to you???

what do others think?


We will have to wait to hear back from him on this one I think.

Dreams can be a sort of a wish of what you would like to do or be.

They can also be simply a reflection of who you are, your personality.

Would you say that while you have been growing up that you have been a highly independant person?
The sort of person that does not live your life like other people say you should?

As it is a reccuring dream, it could be a simple reflection of this, maybe telling you to be careful and not to ruin your relationdhips with others in your life by being overly independant.

Or a message to be more independant if you find yourself influenced by others too much in your life, because relationships can be harmed in this way as well, with people liking to see you make your own path in life.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


Petling i thought it could be a past life but everything takes place in the now time.  there the same buildings cars everything that u see now a days.

and the wishing of what i would like to be i don't want to be a killer. to put it short it was a town not just adults lived there.  you fill in the picture i don't want to be a killer and if its my subconcious am i really that farked up in the head.     sry for the language.    but idk what it is and thank you for the ideas you gave so far.   on the final fantasy note i never played the game but i have seen the movie i don't think that its from that. plz anyone else who reads this post tell me what you think


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