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Shadowling's poem (again) ;)

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Tell me what you think!  :)

  I'm more ito my novel-writing, but a poem mnow and then doesn't hurt :wink:

  Okay, here it is:
                            Isola Segreta
                           (The Island of Secrets)

O child,
If thou comest to my island
Thou shalt live in eternal happiness.
Thou shalt dwell in a land where there is no sickness, no poverty,
And no death.

The choice is thine.
Thou have the power to
Live in this world,
Or escape to the
Reality where the Island of Secrets dwells.

Where flapping herons wade in the cool waters,
Overflowing with trout and salmon.
Where food is plentiful
And where there is never a place that thou cannot
Change into a wonderful achievement.
Where every foot is a masterpiece,
Where spices and perfumes
Sweeten the night air.
Where roaring bonfires are not blazing
So that thou shalt never fear the darkness,
And where there will always be a place for thee to call sanctuary.

Thou haft been born into a World who’s inhabitants call ‘Reality’.
But what is this Reality?
Are not all dreams been given the power to make itself true?
Are not all living things been given the potential to dream?
When thou art Awakened, thou shalt discover that Belief shapes ‘Reality’,
And so Reality is whatever thou wish it to be.

This is thine birthright:
To walk between the Worlds,
And if thou comest to my  people,
Thou shalt always know that hope exists.
Perhaps thou haft heared that thou must stay in thine own World,
Where what thou do matters forever, and things are hard and unchanging.
But here is the Truth: My World, the World of Dreams, is not far away.
It is with thee always, and thou need only to visualize, to Dream, to reach it.
Thou need not travel far.

And if you want proof that Isola Segreta, the Island of Secrets, exists,
You go there every night.


:cry: Fine, be that way... :lol:

*runs out room* :cry:

*comes in room while shadowling is gone and writes my name on his poem and draws mustaches on priceless painting*

Whoa! Just read your masterpiece. Very, very imaginative and appealing. Sounds like the Garden of Eden place that I was taken to once. A very real place, btw. You are an amazing talent.  :!:

*smiles proudly while subtly erasing mustash and Sy's name*. Thank you, but your poetry talent far exeeds mine.


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