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Darkness swells through every corner,
Silence swallows the city whole.
Persistently it rains each day,
In this place called paradise.

Streets filled with broken dreams,
Sadness spreading like a disease.
The hallucination of happiness,
Ignorance has killed our society.

The metallic taste of blood in each mouth,
Sharply bitter than the rain of tears.
The melody of screams drifting,
Welcome to the metropolis of life.

Blinded with insecurities they walk,
Each person seeped into their own mind.
Decide without hesitation,
Where is your place in paradise?

i diddnt know blood tasted like metal, last time i checked it tasted like a thick stuff. Diddnt really have a taste actually I was kinda younge, havnt bled like that in a while


maggot man:
My blood tastes kinda bitter...

I love my blood... its sweet and tastey just like me 8)


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