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phoenix angel:
Hey all you cats and kittens post books you wrote even poems, songs, and/or thesis's.

phoenix angel:
My Own Stories.

I See Myself

Every day I see myself walking down those halls talking to my friends, those I love Though they donít love me, and those who love me but I not them. I see myself hand Raised trying to impress my love interest with intellect. I see the one who likes my trying to be cute with a shirt 1 size to small for her as I sing the song of rivers. I see my self-Typing away listening to music and giving birth to this work of art.


If I was strong would
I fight for what is good or
Fight for what is bad?

Nature X2

Every day thereís trees
Every day thereís flowers and
Every day Iím sick
For humans tear this
Down and donít shed a
Tear of remorse wrong


I love for I fear
I want to hold her tight for
I love her deeply


Every time the wind blows I see your face my dear one for the one time of Day that I spend looking at your beautiful lips move I simply melt inside of this Overweight exterior with a strong lover, friend, and ever guarding protester of those who Think it is hopeless inside is replaced with A pool of compassion over a sky of love. That is how much I love you.


You ask me who I am I tell you now. I am a person that sets his trends not follows.
I am a person who is not shallow. I am not who you want me to be unless of coarse you Like me for me. I can take what you can throw. Bring it on I will beat you for sure.
Ask not what ith wrong with me? Cause its no secret I have my soul. You are a mimic Not true to your soul. How pathetic that you are all alone. You have friends how really Donít like you but your popular so they hang I want to bite you all. I have not been
Striped of my soul. I am me thatís all you need to know.


Really now you say you do that for coke? Pathetic you will do anything for coke get better for the sake of your soul.


Life is the prequel to our quest the beginning is death.


This is the beginning not the end go to limbo try for heaven or be cursed to hell.


Lucas Theroux:
Does anyone know of any books written in Angelica?


Lucas Theroux:
Right now I'm writting a book and of course I have a large catalog of poetry.  My favorite songwritter is Dax Riggs.  Ever heard of him?

Here is one of mine

Breathe a new

The severed angel screams
The sun is swarmed by fallen clouds
so dark the fall of broken dreams
where blood can bleed on bleeding crouds
when the earth can open wide like the hungry, confused mouth of question, only then can you confide in the death of all mankind
a twitch of a thought could end it all
if you really believed it
so I know I tried and I did fall
into the wasted oblivion we all shall go  
I knew of a casket child that was better off  
some of us just need to hit our reset buttons  
some of us just need to die  
want no longer infects us  
it's not our choice to be cast here  
it's only our collective mess.  
Mourn when a child is born rejoice when they meet death


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