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Killing Joke: Influential band releases new album, documentary


Cited as an influence on bands from Nirvana to Nine Inch Nails and Tool, British band Killing Joke is releasing a new album and a documentary.

The band was founded in the late 1970s and pioneered the industrial rock sound.

However front man Jaz Coleman says influential does not always mean made of money. The rock veteran admits he lives in a shack on Great Barrier Island with no water. "I have renounced money like I have renounced tobacco, alcohol and drugs, he says. I have renounced money, I have no more than a grand, a grand 'n a half, in my account at any one time."

And Coleman does not expect the latest album 2012 to change his bank balance. It is themed around the apocalypse, 30 years after he quit Killing Joke and escaped to Iceland with suggestions he was escaping the end of the world. "Apocalypse was the code word. I was actually undergoing Jungian individuation that follows that we all have a dark side and so long as we don't understand that we can't understand ourselves."

It was in Iceland Coleman decided to become a classical composer a path that led to the opera houses of London, and Prague and a life in New Zealand.

He says in order to understand him you have to watch The Death and Resurrection Show, a long awaited film set for release in May.

Coleman has had a fascination with the occult since primary school: "I had my first religious visions when I was five and by the time I had 8 I had quite an extensive occult collection."

He does not think the world will end this year but that is not a reason not to buy the album.

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