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What are you doing for Halloween 2010 ???

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well i don't know if i'll do anything at all  :cry:
i've been very ill lately which has made me too weak to do anything with people :(
so i'll probably watch sci-fi,  or summon up any ancestors or something like that for the hell of it  :-(

  Me  Kids  Trick or Treat.


--- Quote from: Moloch on October 21, 2010, 04:02:04 AM ---Ask around... a lot of places do a RHPS event on Halloween.

--- End quote ---

I know there are tons of places to go for the show, but idk what my schedule is like yet... I was hoping to go on my birthday but that didn't happen. I have a feeling it'll be the same with the RHPS due to me having to work the next day... T____T

Me and a few friends are going to dress up in Renaissance fair clothing, and have a fight in the streets with bows, swords, lances, and spears.

well change of plans for me, my bud and i are going to an actual haunted house X)  and then before during the day i'm going to buy some crystals  :-D  :-)

ah trick or treat, my dad complains that kids now theses days are lazy and complain about getting tired to easily, and that when he was a kid, his bros and himself would trick or treat for miles and come home with trash bags filled with candy  :laugh:


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