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Thousands of Octopus Dead in Portugal


Saw this brought up in another forum and figured it'd be good to bring it here. (If this is the wrong forum, you can go ahead and move it, although I see a possible connection with the Government).

"Thousands of dead octopuses have washed up on a beach in northern Portugal, in what is being called an environmental disaster.

They cover a 5-mile stretch of Vila Nova de Gaia beach - no reason has yet been found for their appearance.

The authorities have warned the public not to eat them."

First the bird... now the octopus? How long until humans start dropping?

If I'm not mistaken,

The last time our solar system aligned with the center of our galaxy, thirteen million species went extinct...and archeologiests don't yet know why. Humanity wasn't in existence then, but we will be this time...


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