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Whats your favorite Stephen King movies?

Love just about all of them but.....favorite 3

1   Salem's Lot
2  The Shining
3  Silver Bullet

Those are good ones. They made a new Salems Lot movie a few years ago. I didnt know anything about it until I stumbled upon it at a store one day. It was good, followed the book pretty closley. 3 more good ones are Neadfull Things,  Storm of the Century, and Pet Cematary.

Oh man, I'm not gonna lie, Pet Sematary really freaked me out when I first saw it. Not in the sense of something impossible or new, but in the sense of how much the movie can pull you in when you're 4 years old.  *<:)Nightmares for quite some time.

I'd go with:

1) Pet Sematary
2) Silver Bullet
3) I guess The Shining, mainly because nothing else comes to mind right now.

What about IT?

I think the clown Pennywise is quite scary!


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