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elements type by zodic eastern and western? question

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hi i was wondering if someone could help me find out which element im align with. my zodic are horse and the Aquarius and is there any magic with my type that easy for a newbie and someone who wants to learn magik

Compared to other members of your family which of the following palours of skin do you mostly exhibit
red green yellow white blue/black?

The answer will help determine which of the five taoist elements you correspond to best.

When you know this you will learn lots about yourself and how you relate to others.

If u mean what race skin im white or am I confused

I don't know my birth chart but I was born at a st.Joseph hospital in kansas (the state not sure which one cause I think there more then one and it around 11pm at night

  I wonder if I should put Ryobi onto this one.......


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