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The Afterlife, Reincarnation, and Earthbound Spirits

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*Shrug* I'm firmly set on life after death and no one can sway it from me. I have too many attachments and interactions with the after life to say otherwise. *shrug* I can't persuade anyone but myself to believe though.

^I'm not arguing that there's no life after death, because there definitely is. What I mean to say when I agree with her is that I'm certain that most souls do not linger in an earth-bound state for far too long unless there's some kind of a problem, or unless the manner of their death was timed incorrectly or something (not that she mentioned or implied that she believed in that). I've yet to do extreme research or anything in that respect, though.

I was just stating where I stood xD to each their own belief. I'm a believer of what my friend called 'recycled souls', after a soul has lived their 7 lives--or until they are incapable of any further, their soul is broken into bits of energy that reforms to present a new soul. *shrug* But that is part of my one-of-a-kind religion that I made xD;;

Ahahaha, that's a very interesting concept :P I believe firmly in reincarnation, but there are so many tenets and principles to it that it's hard for me to explain it in one go here. Hopefully when there's an appropriate discussion venue for it, I'll go into detail. That's what I mean when I say souls "pass on," but I don't believe it's a "40-day period" or a definite set time. I think it's different for each soul.

But uh.... I'll stop there. :P

reincarnate, yes, but not linger here without a body and purpose


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