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Can you be wiccan and not believe in reincarnation?

Yes you can be Wiccan & not believe in reincarnation. The other side is referred to as the Summerlands. To some it's a final place,  to some a temporary stop on the way to reincarnation. It's a personal belief not a doctrine. If you have questions about Wicca one very good book, even if you aren't intrested in practicing the religion, is A Witch's Book of Answers by Eileen Holland. It covers the major questions most  people have as well as many more specific questions.

I do believe in a "life force", but I can't wrap my head around reincarnation. If we are reincarnated then were do so many people come from?   
Is it maybe that I look at it the wrong way?

K, now, stop for a second and look above and below, left and right, all around you are unmeasurable light years of space. We hardly kicked of this blue planet. Do you really think that the rest of the Universe is... soulless?   :wink:

If its all soul.... why don't we have better music?


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