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How do you know your guardian spirit ?

Good question, but it may be one that only you can answer.

Oh ok.

I am guessing you are referring to your spirit guide, guardian angel, guardian, animal totem, etc.

This is a being that is rumored to exist (not sure rumor is the right word here). They watch you through your life and guide you. They are said to inspire gut feelings and provoke your inner voice.

So, how do you find yours and in fact, determine it does exist?

My opinion is going to be biased, I believe they exist, everyone has some form of a being that does this role. 

Well, Ravin said that you may be the only one who can answer this question: "Does a guardian spirit exist and do I have one? If so, then how do I contact them?"

Well, this spirit (assuming they exist) has been watching over you. They have been with you, your whole life. Every decision and action you have taken, has been observed by this being.
So, they are tailored to you, they know you best.

I'll be honest, all conventional techniques (by that, I mean, information on youtube videos) have not worked. For me, it happened randomly.. If you are anxious or want it for the wrong reasons, it is not going to happen.

My advice is to meditate and build mental discipline. Work on removing your pride and work on your manners. Let this merge into your life and enhance your conversations with some politeness. (I won't tell you why I suggest this, but you can take it or leave it)

You will notice that myself and others are beating around the bush. None of us are telling you how to do it. There is a reason for this too.

It is different for everyone and it does not happen the way you expect. (This is at least my reason, others may represent different interests)  You asked for help and believe it or not, this is help.

  Most will find theirs when it is needed, that is what they do Whisper, help to guide when needed.  If you have to this point not needed them then you should count yourself lucky to have lived a charmed life.  Do not worry though, if you continue to immerse yourself in our universe you may soon find yours as well.


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