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The Three Deaths

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It has been said by many different systems of belief that when one dies it goes through three stages of death.

1. Physical death. The death of the body, brain, all living tissue.

2. The death of the Astral Body. It uses its energy untill it is spent.... then dies.

3. Final death. When the soul has nothing to suport it and it moves on to the next stage.

That is stated in very simple terms. The point of the thread is to think about the matter. Questions? What dose the comunity of Monstrous think of this Idea?

Nothing is supporting my soul for a while now. Does it mean im gonna die soon?? Human body is a very weird thing, even when it carries worst of diseases, when it has will to live it cures itself. But what when a sick person just doesnt wanna fight any more? Cells of death activate and its on its way....

speaking of which, what if someone p.e. decides to end his or hers life with heroin. Heroin is a very strong opiate, that takes your soul to a different place. So if you die and your soul isnt there in your body, what will happen to the soul? Not that it really matters, just ranting....

Heroin overdose is probably not a good way to die. Tibetans say that when you are dead, you are much confused and you have to look for your way out of the Bardol. If you are stoned, your soul will land in hell or some boring limbo.

Hm, i thought that would be the case too....

One possibility that disturbs, and fascinates me is whether or not a fourth or "ultimate" death exists. Namely, the complete destruction of consciousness, the eternal and permanent void.


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