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I just recently realized that my connection to Innana (as I already told T) is way stronger than I first figured. I base this opinion on not only dreams and visions but even to the bizzare similarities in character and preferences.

Let us just see who my patron deity is by taking a look at me...I'm a musician, I'm a writer, I'm a poet, I'm an archer, I know three languages, I'm a sun-worshiper (as in the "touristy" kind :wink: ) and I'm a Were (strong connection to wolves)...

Let us just say that my Patron deity is Apollo and call it a day... :-P

I was doing a social studies project on Apollo in Junior year and he just called out to me so strongly, how similar we were...he clicked with me so much...his relationship with his sister Artemis and my relationship with my late sister Kate is so similar too...I see so much of myself in Apollo it's not even funny and that's why he is my Patron deity...

@5arah - Woot! Two Apollo peoples on one forum, how cool is that! 8-)


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