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The Best Diet for Developing Psychic Abilities

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Eliminating meat – especially red meat -will improve psychic abilities.  A predominantly plant-based diet helps you to become more open and sensitive to the spirit world.

Here’s why: meat dulls your senses and lowers your vibration.  First off, it takes more vital life force to digest meat.  Eating meat helps to ground the ‘mind’ energy (the energy of the upper chakras) and brings it down into the lower chakras (the root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus). Your body is so busy processing the meat that it reduces your psychic sensitivity – after all, when you eat meat, it brings a lot of blood down to the digestive system and away from the areas associated with the upper chakras and intuition – like the brain, and some senses like hearing and sight.

Secondly, meat contains residues of the animal’s energy that was killed for its meat.  When you take in meat, you are taking in the energy of that animal too, including any fear and pain.  If you’re perceptive, you’ll notice that you don’t usually feel good after eating meat.  This isn’t just because it’s harder to digest, but also because you’re taking on energies of another being that was killed, usually in a state of fear.

Eating the flesh of another animal will usually involve you having to desensitize yourself to the energy of the dead animal you’re consuming.  You have to desensitize yourself in order to not feel that negative energy.  But you end up desensitized, in the psychic sense too.

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Its just a little part of a very discused issue among those who seek spiritual growth. There is a VERY good reason that all those that want to develop certain abilities, make their visions stronger and ease the path to other realms go into the long periods of not eating anything. Food is material. And although we inhabit these bodies that are also material, to break lose of the "material way" of seeing things, we gotta help our spirit to get that burden off of being chained to Earthly.

Jesus, Mohamed... these are just two most famous ones. But the list goes on and on, from every culture and religion. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism....

So, if one really is considering to open up to spiritual, this is a good way to start.

HAH I knew it! Ooooh I'm winning some money in a little while.

A friend wanted to know why I was more developed than she was, when she did more work with it daily, than I did.
There were other things, but when I pointed out that she ate a hamburger or three a week - plus a steak, and was OBSESSED with chicken - she argued with me that her food, if it did anything to her, would help her psychic levels.

( and I just got done saying in a different thread that I'm stuck on a 90% alkaline based diet, too  :lol: )

Yeah you won it for sure. Although, it is a bit strange. People who tend to spiritual almost always have a natural sense for right diet. Maybe she is just forcing something that she is not supposed to be?

Meat actually does nothing to lower 'psychic abilities' for me, but then again I've spent most of my life dealing with every emotion there is. I've had to learn to use my own emotions as a 'tool', so using the emotion of the animal is not much of a problem either. After all, emotions are a form of energy in my opinion, and said energy can be redirected just like an electric current. Redirected and re-purposed. Digestive-wise, I'd say I digest meat a lot easier than most people, but I have no expertise in that area so I won't. Still, I can understand this applying to most people.

Also, I respect whatever ingredients I use when cooking, including meat. Feels it's the right thing to do.

Right, but Im not sure you did a meat diet long enough to notice any difference ;)


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