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I seem to be drawing animals near me

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For a long time I have had a connection to animals.  For years I seemed to attract cats.  They might belong to other people in the neighborhood but they somehow always ended up at my house to live.  Then the birds started, they would circle in the sky above my vehicle as I drove.  There would be large numbers in my yard when I arrived home and they even would come inside my screened in porch.  I had them tap on the window when I would be in the house, whatever the room I was in they were outside tapping.

This time last year the yard would house a number of rabbits and a few deer.

More recently opossums are constantly around, on the porch and they don't even react when I go out on the porch (also the screened in one-we leave the door open for easier access).  In the last two weeks it we have acquired several raccoon and now even red fox.  Seems that the owls are out around the house a lot, the mourning doves sit right outside my window cooing.

My question is this....what is drawing these creatures to me?  I am actually in awe of it because I love animals so much.  But I feel there is more to it and would really like some discussion about it.

I am an empath...among other things.....

When did this all start?

The birds about a little over a year ago.  The other animals within the last 7 months I would say.  The fox actually are within the last week.

Well... first obvious questions...

Have you been feeding any of these animals?
Have you practiced anything involving Animal spirits, lately?

There is always cat food outside for my cats.  Do I intentionally feed these  But I can walk out the door with them there and they look up and continue what they were doing.  It is obvious they sense no danger.  A couple of the possums actually will go all over the porch even sitting and looking in the window at night.  The deer and rabbits are not being fed in any way they just feed in the yard on the grass.  The birds are always around.  Maybe I am reading something that isnt there...


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