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Psychic Shielding Protection against Negative Energy Attacks


by Rev. Christa Urban, RN, Shaman

...How do you know you have been under attack or someone is working against you? Are you feeling unusually out of sorts? Are your dreams invaded by images that are disturbing and attacking you? Do tears come for no reason? Are you having strange pains and physical symptoms that donít correlate to your current state of health? Have you lost your ability to see from your third eye? These are just a few ways that you could feel a negative energy attack. Aside from the obvious that you just know someone has sent an attack to you.

I use crystals and stones in my practice for healing and protection. The attacks against me resulted in two of my magical rings cracking. I thought at first coincidence, but consulted another in the field and Psychic attack was the conclusion. The stone took the hit so I was not physically affected. I also was affected by a Black Magician sending out negative energy to blind my third eye to remove my ability to see beyond the veil. I have also felt the workings of a Psychic and witch that cast a spell that no one else could see clients in shop that was close to where she worked. When I had my first client there, I felt like I had been set on fire. I felt flames licking at my ankles, working their way up my body. I ran out of the shop and cleared my energy. When I regrouped, I confronted the shop owner and she did tell me that a certain Witch had come to make a blessing on her store and was happy that others would read there. I told the shop owner she had been duped and this was a spell and there would be worse to come. The shop has since been closed and the owner suffered much personal trauma and took a year off.

Protection and shielding can be done in many ways. The simplest way to clear negative energy is to utilize smudging and candles. A large psychic attack or curse, spell other negative names for attack will require calling in of deities, angels and a ritual. My first line defense are my stones and crystals. I wear several pendants and talismans that are charged with protection. I use Black Onyx as a stone that helps protect me from negative energy that is randomly discharged by people around me. As an empath itís very easy to pick up random negativity. (Thatís another article.)

Smudging with white sage to cleanse your space and your person is the way to start. I call it a psychic shower. Get clean and then proceed. If you can find out who sent the attack that will help as you can use their name as you work to clear and this will send the energy back.

I use a blend of Dragons Blood Resin, Frankincense, White Sage and Rose Petals to clear a space that is permeated with negative energy. This will cross over spirits that are causing trouble too.

Here is a simple ritual to help protect you as you rest and dream that can be carried into the day: Make a circle around your bed using white chalk or salt. As you cast this circle, call in the angels of the four directions. If you donít work with angels, call in your Gods/Goddesses for the directions. I donít specify because this technique will work in any Pantheon or Ascended realm. When you have called them in, state that you have been under attack and wish for their protection as you sleep. Light a white candle and allow it to burn. For major problems use a 7-day candle and let it burn till it self- extinguishes. In the morning when you rise, call in the energy of protection and tell your helpers that you carry that circle with you and the protection continues.

You will find that the sleep disturbance will abate and the days will be improved. There are many other ways, but I share this one as it help with the attacks from several powerful people that choose to work negative.

Why do people do this? Jealousy, greed, control and all those negative emotions that really donít need to be part of our lives. My work with people is to help heal these broken parts in their lives. Inner peace is the path to world peace. Cast out only positive energy. What you send out comes back to you at least 3-fold.

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