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Demonic Ghost Banishing?!help!


ivy bloodsworth:
Anyone know how to get rid of a demonic ghost? I have one who likes to hang around on my stair well and in the game room. He scratched my friend one night and scares the heak out of me! I've tried celtic salt and banishing spells but he won't go away!
Would describeing him help?
- eyes that burn like fire
- claws
-teeth like daggers
-scary cruked grin
-and he likes to watch me

This dude needs to go, i'm not aneasy one to scare, i guess thats why he finds it amusing when i go into panic attacks. A week ago this panic attak turned in to a sezier! not fun! he's so rude and mean!
 He can't get into my room because i have a protector or wraith, but she can't hold out for much longer! HELP!


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