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Bosnian Pyramid Shoots Energy Beam into Space!

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LOL These are just press releases from Osmanagić.

No wonder they don't say the same as the "scientists" - BECAUSE THEY DON'T CONTAIN ANY SCIENCE!

All you're doing is spamming links from various sites repeating the words of Osmanagić. There is no new evidence contained in them, just new claims of magic woo. They're not "findings", they're the imaginings of Osmanagić and his team.

--- Quote ---I know people who would do ANYTHING to disprove what cannot be made public.
--- End quote ---

No you don't. What you actually mean is you THINK there are "people who would do ANYTHING to disprove what cannot be made public" because that fits in with the rest of your New Age, mystical conspiracy theory. When science demonstrates that something you believe in is untrue, instead of learning from that experience, and applying those lessons to your future critical process, you scream "Conspiracy! Cover up!"

It is what is known as the "unsinkable rubber duck" - no matter how thoroughly something is debunked, "believers" insist on keeping it afloat, keeping it bobbing on the surface and demanding it be debunked again. And again. And again.

The Bosnia pyramid hoax has been disproven since 2006. The only people still rattling on about it are people who would do ANYTHING to "prove" their delusions are true - including making up stories, and even sculpting a hill to make it look like a man-made pyramid... The real scientists and academics no longer waste their time on proving the non-existence of a man-made pyramid, but instead try to preserve the real archaeology in Bosnia. Interestingly, in one of the links Osmanagić accuses the various government departments and academic institutions that are holding up his excavation of "doing everything" [čine sve] to prevent the "development of tourism [turistički razvoj] in Bosnia"...

There is no conspiracy to hide the "truth" - when the pyramids were first announced, a lot of scientists took interest because this would have been an incredible new chapter in the history of Man. But it rapidly became obvious to archaeologists and geologists, both local, European and international, that the "pyramids" were just hills with triangular shaped slopes which owed everything to nature. Real scientists lost interest very quickly at that point.

The articles you link are also interesting in that they call Osmanagić an archaeologist and an anthropologist, when he is neither. Prior to the Visoko dig, he couldn't even be considered an amateur archaeologist: he had never participated in any excavation, never studied archaeology, and his sum total experience of archeology was a holiday tour of the pyramids of Central America.

His books reveal his understanding of "science": extraterrestrial ancestors of the Mayas, lost civilizations of Mu and Atlantis, Masonic and Illuminati conspiracies, "galactic alignment", the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, a potpourri of the ideas of José Argüelles, Erich von Dänicken, David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, Richard Hoagland and Edgar Cayce, blah blah blah.

He immediately started claiming that any archaeologist who contacted him about working on the site was a member of his new foundation and a believer in his man-made pyramids. The first victim was Irish archaeologist Grace Fegan, who has explained:

--- Quote ---I have been a professional archaeologist since 1998 and am currently working for a private consultancy in Ireland. In the course of considering summer volunteer positions on various European excavations I contacted, among others, Mr Osmanagich. I found his contact details on the Archaeological Institute of America website... Mr Osmanagic said he would contact me with a definitive offer and also forwarded some information regarding the site.

The information came in the form of two reports, one was a 'geophysical survey report' (it was unlike any geophysical report I had ever seen) and the other was a 'geological report' (ditto). Having looked through this information it became clear that this project was dubious at best. I did some searching on the web and realised that Mr Osmanagic had no affiliations to any academic body, and was not a qualified archaeologist.

My mistake at this point was not emailing him immediately to inform him that I would not be taking part.

Before I knew it an article had appeared in an Irish newspaper, stating that I was going to be taking part in this Bosnian pyramid project...I also received phone calls from two British journalists enquiring as to the nature of my involvement in the project. These gentlemen were kind enough to inform me that I was listed on the project website as being one of the 'foreign experts' taking part. When I logged on to the website I found that I was listed as Senior Archaeologist... Most worrying of all was a link through which people could supposedly contact me.  When I clicked on it an email address came up of which I had no previous knowledge and to which I had no access.

Mr Osmanagich used my name in connection with his project when he had no right to do so... In addition he potentially misled those who visited the website that they could contact me, and that whatever responses they would receive would be from me.

With regard to the excavations taking place on the 'Bosnian Pyramid' site, I would be very surprised if at the end of the season Mr Osmanagich throws up his hands having failed to find definitive evidence supporting his argument. No matter what is there he will find what he is looking for. That is what happens when a site is not excavated by archaeologists, but glory hunters.
--- End quote ---

The same fate befell Royce Richards, an archaeologist from Australia (with again a title of "Senior Archaeologist" on the Foundation website). Also Allyson McDavid (USA), Chris Mundigler (Canada), Bruce Hitchner (USA) and Martin Aner (Austria)... What has happened to all the scientists that have worked on the foundation? Geophysicist Amer Smailbegovic walked out in 2006, archaeologists Silvana Čobanov and Nancy Galloufound also disappeared in 2006, geologist Nadija Nukić walked out in 2007, as did the director of the Visoko museum. Since 2007 the team has not included a geologist at all... Between 2007-2008, British archaeologist Andrew Lawler joined and tried - unsuccessfully - to impose a modicum of scientific method. He walked out in September 2008. He was replaced by Mislav Hollos, an artist (!) who was himself replaced in 2010 by a young Italian archaeologist, Sara Acconci, an expert in Etruscology...

The real evidence shows conclusively that at the time these pyramids were supposedly built, at the end of the last Ice Age, Europe was still locked in the Last Glacial Maximum. Real archaeology has found that the only people living in the region of the supposed pyramids at the time they were supposedly built were Paleolithic ("stone age") hunter/gatherers. We know this because of the ample real evidence of their open-air camp sites and traces of occupation in caves. We can see and touch their simple stone tools, hearths, and the remains of the animals and plants that they ate. This is real archaeology.

I could go on and on and on about this. But we've been here before, haven't we? Remember this?

I'm done with this. You can keep playing with your unsinkable rubber duck as long as you want. I'm sure you don't even read these posts. The most shocking thing of all for me about these kinds of theories is that the people supporting them claim to be seeking "the truth" and "answers" but in reality they have closed their eyes to the truth. They just want their delusions reinforced.

--- Quote from: Nina on January 26, 2012, 09:38:19 AM ---maybe we should both go to the pyramids and see for ourselves?

--- End quote ---

I dunno. That's over £200 in flights to Sarajevo, then on top of that accomodation in Sarajevo, all to see something that has already been debunked. There are anecdotal reports that non-believers and anybody who questions the validity of the site are cold-shouldered out anyway. Plus its more money into their "tourist" scheme. So long as people keep visiting that place, they'll keep claiming its real.


--- Quote ---No you don't. What you actually mean is you THINK there are "people who would do ANYTHING to disprove what cannot be made public" because that fits in with the rest of your New Age, mystical conspiracy theory. When science demonstrates that something you believe in is untrue, instead of learning from that experience, and applying those lessons to your future critical process, you scream "Conspiracy! Cover up!"
--- End quote ---

Im not a New Ager and science has been proven wrong many times over and over, until the ones making the rules of it didnt die, or another came with new theories. And yes, i am someone ud call a conspiracy theorist,but guess what: there are sooo many of us and there are sooo many of proven "theories" that only goons and secret society puppet can call a bluff these days.

Critical process?  Funny, really. Im laughing really hard.

I'm so disappointed. I was really busy with my assignments, I missed the 3 stars and pyramid alignments. :(

Is that a book Jake? I'd be so totally interested in reading that! I find the distopias of humanity fascinating, but the Utopias are also terrific works of literary art.


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