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Ok. Let me begin by apologizing if you think my response was rude. It wasn't meant to be interpreted that way, it is my way of approaching childish posts like the one banshee72 made.

As for matthew321, I don't believe that I have to present proof that something that hasn't been proven to exist exists.

I agree that since this is a paranormal discussion forum, I should have approached it differently. But , come on , banshee72 put it in such way that I could only pretend to have been another poor victim of the evil plans of Hell or a total skeptic. I reckon my response to be offending to banshee72's beliefs , but it's beyond my ability to reason with people like this.

As for matthew321's post about my saying that "I know" that hellhounds are not real, why would you even pick on me for saying that in the first place, when someone else just said that she/he knows that she/he's just seen hellhounds , the Hatman and a shadow cat ?

And Angelus, I didn't come here to try and force other to abandon their beliefs and share mine. If this post would've put in a mature and objective way, I would've also answered in an objective and possibly , less harsh way. But come on , we can't just pretend to be lunatic kids just so others won't find our answers rude.


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