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From Den Of Geek:

--- Quote ---Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy play Margaret Matheson and Tom Buckley, a pair of scientists who specialise in debunking the paranormal. When they’re not teaching their university students about the con tricks of bogus spiritualists, they’re investigating real-world cases of the supernatural with a distinctly cynical eye; both Margaret, the older, bossy one, and Tom, her younger assistant, have their own peculiar reasons for resenting and distrusting anyone who claims to be able to contact the spirit world.

Margaret and Tom, then, are like a pair of reverse ghost busters, which is economically related in Red Lights’ opening séance sequence. A rich couple’s apparently haunted mansion is revealed to be anything but, while a part-time hairdresser who moonlights as a medium is revealed to be just another fraud – Red Lights' title, we learn, is a reference to the practice of spotting a spiritualist huckster's tell-tale tricks.

Simon Silver (Robert De Niro), meanwhile, proves to be a harder subject to pin down. A psychic superstar of Uri Geller’s magnitude in the 70s, Silver hurried into obscurity when a heckler abruptly died of a heart attack during one of his performances. Now, after a long hiatus, Silver’s back for a new run of stage shows in which he appears to be able to perform miracles, including cold reading, psychic surgery and levitation. Does Silver have truly paranormal gifts, or is he another con artist like all the others? Tom’s anxious to investigate further, but Margaret, for some reason, seems strangely afraid of this enigmatic character…
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