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Any werewolves out there, read this!!!


Dear my beloved Werewolf subjects
As i am the Queen Werewolf, I have decided to make a new pack, please submit your werewolf name and the phase of the moon you were born under, if thy has submitted a acceptable post, thee shal accept ye into the pack.

Yours faithfully

 The Queen Werewolf

Bane Bloodfang:
I wasn't aware I had a queen other than my Queen Elizabeth.

Umm... don't take this wrong but why are you queen and how did you become a queen of the werewolves? I'm assuming this is some sort of RP post?

Bane Bloodfang:
Also! Welcome to Monstrous, hope you enjoy your stay!

You should probably head to the Say it! sub section and introduce yourself to the community :)

I'm with bane this seems like an RP post to me if so...

I suggest reading this:

and RP posts go here for future reference:

Oh and welcome to monstrous  :-D

yeah i know

i want it to be moved to rpg and gaming, but i havnt got round to telling a moderator, ill do it soon or u can deleat this post if u want


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