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Since I own this book and reread it for many times, I can guarantee its an awesome take on what witchcraft really is in my area, and would advise it to everyone that is interested in true witchcraft and not neo paganism. A lot about herbs and rituals in it as well:


--- Quote ---Description:
Published in English for the first time, this groundbreaking book by Radomir Ristic is a compilation of historical data, anthropological studies, and the authors own experiences and interviews with the Witches of the Balkans. Covering both theory and practice, the book gives a complete system of Balkan Traditional Witchcraft.

Balkan Traditional Witchcraft is an ancient system from humanity's dawn that has survived into modern times due to the unique history of the region, and its practice can be applied to any culture, state or region in the world.

Translated into English by Michael C. Carter, Jr., this book - a bestseller in its native Serbia - is an incredible look into the world of the Balkan Witch, covering ritual trance, tools, rites for healing, love, divination, defense and for making charms. It also explores the supernatural beings that Balkan Witches share their world with, deities, fairies and other spirits. There has never been such a deep exploration of the magic of this region available in English before.
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one of the reviews:

--- Quote ---This is one for the "traditional witchcraft" practitioners here. This is the true European folk magic and far removed from the fluffy Llewellyn stuff.     

I found this a fascinating book. The author covers the history of Balkan traditional witchcraft and describes workings and rituals in such detail that this is also a "how to" book. There is an extensive list of traditional Balkan herbs and their  uses as well as the significance of numbers and sacred animals. There are traditional divination methods and some useful tips on flying for the beginner.

As it has been translated into English from the original Serbian the style is a little awkward at times. Some of it was rather  uncomfortable reading for me  and I truly hope no one is inspired to create an amulet in the traditional way. They will certainly have the animal welfare charities after them   . It does emphasis that there is a price to be paid for magic and that the price can be heavy.

I have only skimmed the surface of it so far but there are workings and rituals here that I will certainly be adapting into my own trad practices.
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Does the book contain rituals, spells, summoning techniques, among other things?  I'm interested in buying it if it does.

What are some examples of spells or summoning techniques it has?  Just a title of the spell/technique would be fine. 

Yes it does, but as the comment below said, it is quite hard to translate some terms. I havent read the English version but rituals and spells are not in sections as u might think, they are all throughout the book. Most include summoning Dabog and/or other Balkan old gods, using special herbs collected in special ways on special dates/times of day/night. Some also include animals that one has to kill. For example, if u want a good Fortune Whip, u gotta catch a snake at the exact moment when she is swallowing the toad, then insert a seed of cannabis sativa in it. Then u plant that  head and wait for the herb to grow. Of that herb one makes a rope for a magical whip :)

It has a lot of practical things in it. Stuff that even I witnessed with my own eyes, like bajanje (not sure how to translate, but there are two diff kinds of summoning and incantations, bajanje and basme). My grandmother once did it to protect my child.

Other than that, its a nice collection of practical things :)

white fang:
what kind of charms doese the book have,and is there any spell or trance for calming someone(my sister is a handful  :roll:)?

Lmao, not in the way you want.

But Ill tell you a lil secret, in these parts when kids were restless, they would make them a poppy seed or cannabis tea xD and I really really doubt your mom would approve of those  :laugh:


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