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Hi, my name is Keith Boron.

I have been involved in the production of Independent Movies since 2005.

I am on the Internet Movie Database and Linked In (Search for "Keith Boron").

You can also find me on Facebook.

I am currently working on a new movie script after a period of inactivity due to Parkinson's Disease.

My PD symptoms are in remission due to Deep Brain Surgery.

Looking forward to discussion with other members who have an interest in this subject.


Hi Kieth, nice to meet you. :) I have actually played for many people with Parkinson's Disease. I'm working on getting a music therapy degree and I've been shadowing an actual music therapist once a month. Plus I have my own gigs at retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. It's an honor to meet an actual producer and is a pleasure to have you on the forum! Welcome to Monstrous! :-D



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