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"Warrior's" necropolis excavated in Russia


A necropolis in the mountains of the Caucasus in Russia has been uncovered, and archaeologists discovered the grave of a male warrior "laid to rest with gold jewelry, iron chain mail and numerous weapons, including a 36-inch iron sword set between his legs." Although looters have previously taken some items from the site, the warrior's grave appears to have been untouched. He was buried with three horses, a cow and a wild boar.

Valentina Mordvintseva, a researcher at the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology, said that the animal bones and pottery remains suggest that a funeral feast was held in his honor and that "these animals were particularly valuable among barbarian peoples of the ancient world. It was [a] sign of [the] great importance of the buried person." The grave is believed to be around 2,200 years old.

Two of the warrior's swords had gold decorations never seen in this part of the ancient world before, setting them apart "in a category all of their own, which has so far not been recorded anywhere else."

Ooh, could the gravesite be described as "dragon's teeth"!?


--- Quote from: Finrod852 on February 22, 2013, 08:34:18 AM ---Ooh, could the gravesite be described as "dragon's teeth"!?

--- End quote ---

Hm, not quite that rare...  :wink:

It reminded me of a comic strip from a 1977 issue of House of Horror magazine (small scan below) called "The Curse of Cormac." Archaeologists find warrior grave, one steals sword, warrior takes it back again...

I don't recall if the story inspired the scene in the movie (probably) but I'm sure a similar thing happened at the start of a Conan movie many years ago.

Ok, I was just wondering. I saw a documentary on that once, of how the Egyptians layed their dead to rest. It was really cool looking. :D


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