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Okunevo sacred place in Siberia


It was quite an ordinary village where men ploughed, women brought up children and the kolkhoz leader was at the head of the village. Suddenly it became clear at the end of the previous century that some temple was buried deep underground in the outskirts of the village of Okunevo. People said that the village itself was the cradle of the civilization, a sacred place. A community of so-called babajists was created in that place; pilgrims from all over the world came to see the sacred place. Candidate of Historical Sciences from the Omsk State University Boris Melnikov says that such invasions destroyed archeology monuments in the area of the village and spoiled the area's energy field.

It was partially thanks to some Rasma Rosita that the sacred place was discovered. It was the woman who spent much effort searching for the sacred village and finally found it. People say that when the woman was in India an idea to look for a sacred place in Russia's Siberia occurred to her. That is why Rasma Rosita left India for the Russian city of Omsk.

Boris Melnikov says that the woman was asking everybody whether anyone saw some temple in the outskirts of Omsk. She said that she had had a vision of a river and a mound planted with trees. "We told her that the place was the village of Okunevo." Right at that very period an archaeological expedition was working in the Muromtsevsky district; Rasma Rosita was sent to join the expedition just for kicks. The woman walked about the area where the digging was held and said it was exactly the place where a temple stood tens of millenniums ago. Finally, she discovered the sacred place she had been searching for.
As is known, nature abhors a vacuum. Rasma bought a house in Okunevo where a new community was formed soon. People mad after unusual things immediately rushed to the village to see the sacred place.

Boris Melnikov tells that some kind of a world forum was held in the place in the late 1990s, when people observed a solar eclipse. "I myself visited Okunevo at that time and noticed that people were gripped with mass psychosis. Over one thousand of people were walking about the place singing mantras. They said they had visions of UFOs, of horses galloping about the skies and of naked women. However, Orthodoxy explains such visions as manifestations of the evil spirit. It seems to me that pilgrims brought the evil spirit to Okunevo. When I visited the village in 1980 last time, it was a clean and beautiful place. Extrasensory people say that now the energy field of the place is spoiled." The scientist said he couldn't stay for more than a day in the place as he felt uncomfortable there, as if something pushed him out of the place. In general, as soon as pilgrims rushed to Okunevo and strange people were praying there to someone disasters came down on people connected with the place. Private life of people suddenly broke down after visiting the area where the village was situated.  Some babies with problems in their development were born there. The death rate among people participating in archaeological digging in Okunevo went up. The official reasons of the deaths were quite natural, however many deaths one after another form statistics. One man died right on the place where digging was held. Probably it is not accidental that when a religious procession followed from Vladivostok to Moscow in 1999, a cross was fixed in Okunevo. The people said that God's grace must be directed to a place where people need it.

However, the community in Okunevo was expanding, the people made grand plans. For example, the community wanted to buy the sacred place of 90 hectares in square from the state. At that, the community members were not confused with the fact that over 30 archaeology monuments, a barrow, a site of an ancient settlement, burial grounds and other historic relics were situated on the territory adjacent to Okunevo. In 1994, the archaeological monuments were included into the list of monuments protected by the government. Mikhail Safarov from the Omsk regional culture department says that Rasma Rosita herself wondered whether the community could buy the land from the state. Specialists explained to the community that because of the archaeological monuments situated in the area the land couldn't be sold. Fortunately, the problem connected with purchase of the territory has come to naught recently.

It is for about ten years already that different public associations are making attempts to get settled in the area adjacent to Okunevo, these are organizations from different cities of Russia, not only from Omsk. Recently, a public political association from the Russian city of Kuybyshev declared its intention to set up the direction of a historical and cultural park called Okunevo there. The Omsk governor ordered to create three natural historical recreation zones in the Muromtsevsky district, Okunevo belongs to them as well. Creation of such territories will helps wonderfully protect natural resources, historical and cultural monuments and save them from invaders.


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