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Mel's Hole:The Best Mystery I Ever Knew

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Is there a truly bottomless pit???

Mel's Hole - a supposed bottomless hole located near
Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg Washington as related by Mel Waters on national radio.

I have heard him on 3 separate occasions in the coast 2 coast radio archive for Paltalk and I was blown away at his story. This guy moved to the country side six years ago, bought allot of acher’s and found an old Well in his yard. Thinking it's an ordinary Rock Well , he dropped a pebble to find the bottom for water. No plunk in the water so he dropped bigger and bigger rocks and objects into the hole. It got to the point of him scratching his head and thinking..."Were the hell is the bottom?".  Mel borrowed a long rope and coil from his neighbors down the road. He tied a lifesaver at the end and lowered it down. He even bought a huge fishing spool and dropped it in the Well with a weight at the end. Nothing would work so he said...”Alright then!”...”Time to through away that big old fridge, that will do it".

The phones a couple of friends and they position the fridge at the top of the hole and let her go! Mel and his friend stood there for hours and didn't hear a thing. Mel phones up the media for coverage and claims that he not only may have the Genius World Record for the deepest hole, but also that it seems to be, bottomless. That following month, the military shows up and apparently was listing to Mel's story with Art Bell on the radio! They (illegally) kicked Mel out of his own house and Ranch and framed him a druggy running a drug lab! The military brought armed guards to section off the road and hulled a number of portables for scientists to the location.

This amazing story is still in progress and Art has regrets for getting Mel into trouble for his discovery.

Mel is currently searching for top notch lawyers to tackle his story and illegal conflict and get his property back to its rightful owner.

There are transcripts of the show at Mel's site but I just got to find the audios.

Read the hole site here...http://www.seattlechatclub.org/MelsHole.html

Zak Roy Yoballa:
While Mel may have been framed and has a very unique geological formation, there is no such thing as a bottomless pit.  It is impossible.  What probably happens is the acustics of the hole prevents most of the noise from escaping.  

This is exactly thew kind of illegal search and seizure America needs to stand up against however.  Every tyrant in the past basically started off this way.  Get into a power posistion, start pulling the strings from behind the scenes, start testing the waters by taking over certain areas, take over the country.  

Can you tell I'm a little cranky this morning?

Neat post Scottyboy!

Mel's a Tyrant?

Didn't see the coming.

I usually drink coffee in the morning it helps. Life gets people a little down without a hint of  TLC or fantasy. Throw me a bone of science and logic and I’ll find that your life, is...well...bland.

Zak Roy Yoballa:
The American government is the tyrant not Mel! :wink:

Hate coffee, love Diet Coke


I agree w/ Zak Roy Yoballa, coffee sucks. :x   also, Da U.S. is the worst tyrant mchine ever!!   I mean, it's worse than Hitler!!!!!!!  No offense to Jews, Hitler was BAD


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