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Phantom X:
Does this stuff work? Can you prove it?

Listen people, magick works for those who believe. If you believe it will work, it will. Negative energy and skeptism is VERY bad for a spell. For all those whom are real witches, wizards, mages, whatever you are, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF TO PEOPLE. We are not christains, be dont give a crap what people think.

Where do you get your power?

I personally get my power from my own talents. Some people get it from Nature, others get it from planets and stars. As long as it makes you feel comfortable, do it.

Cast A Circle?

I dont, but depending on the spells intentions, you may want to. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SURE YOUR CIRCLE IS PERFECT. It will protect you from the negative effects that may come back to you. However, DO NOT USE DARK ARTS.

Any Rules?

There are many rules that people claim are true, the only one you should worry about is the 3 times rule. For every action, the action will come back to you 3 times, good or bad. Be careful and keep this rule in mind.


Listen, you dont need any particular spell so long as you believe in your heart it will come true. I make up my own spells using poetry. They work because I believe they do. Do not expect to turn someone into a toad, thats impossible. Just try and make your like a little easier by muttering a spell just as you would praying. Remember that wherever you get your energy from, it will be what you make of it. I know some witched that use God, I know some that use many. JUST BELIEVE!


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