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Well as far as I see anyone can with practice and concentration, so can anyone tell me some easy ways to.

Well, it requires some much training that only a few yoghis and tibetan monks have been able to describe the way ...

TK can be easy and fun to streangthen your concentration skills  :D

Theres more better stuff then TK in metaphysics just so you know  :wink:

When I first tryed... I Stunk. I could just not gget that darn PSI WHEEL to move at all! It takes less then a week to get the hang of it, theres alot of info online go here it was a forum on gerneral metaphysics and bunch of topics on TK.

Just sit down, quite your mind and move something like  a PSI WHEEL, or something SUPER light if youe begginning ( use your imagination lol I have no clue whats super light). With your 2index fingers imagine energy comming out and moving the item.

thats how i do it, if you move your hand will the energy comming out, thats a good way too.

Good luck, and dont get to into it, have fun and take it was an Expiermental thing.



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