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Happy Holidays and New Monstrous Radio


Would like to give all Monstrous members a Happy Thanksgiving shout out, and hopes that you all have a safe and great holiday season!!! :-)

New Monstrous Radio, episode 8 coming for the first week of December. Number #9 will come for the last week of December..

So, I'm asking for topic suggestions, short story suggestions, ect, ect..

For those who have listened to atleast a few episodes, what do you suggest? Your critiques and opinions, negative or positive, things you'd like to hear, show topics, song suggestions, more music or less music, more short story readings or less short story readings, more movie and radio clips? Please let me know what you'd like to hear, and what you think would better represent a Monstrous Radio presentation.

I'm definitely open to suggestions. If you don't leave your comments here, please send me a PM, or a message through the Monstrous Myspace.

Best wishes and hope to hear from you. It would probably be best to at least take it to show TEN, and then decide what major changes might be made, or if we want to continue producing the program on a longer term basis..

And big THANKS to Brian and others for mailing me some great songs! They will all get played eventually! :-)

Thanks for listening and the support!



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